Update on my absence. (number two)

This is terrible! A second post on why there is a delay on my blog updates.
I must change this.
I haven't been on my blogger/tumbler in ages.
I'd say it's because I'm busy working every night.
I hardly have computer time.
But in the end, I guess that's not always a bad thing.
So once again, I apologize friends.

I've also been booked with photo shoots.
Here's a brief preview of what I did last week:

Just a few baby belly pictures for my brother and his girlfriend.
I really do hope I can get back to things soon.XO

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  1. Oh those photos are so pretty! Great job!! I know, when life gets busy my blogging always suffers! I wish there was a way to blog AND be outside enjoying the sun at the same time....but for some reason I can never see my laptop screen in the sunlight, haha:) Have a great weekend!