Seasons, Songs, and Inspiration.

October is my favorite month. Since it happens to occur during fall. Which is also my favorite season. As it is for most people, I think. During fall, Music seems more meaningful, colors seem more vibrant and hot chocolate always taste more delicious. I have decided to combine two things into one post tonight. 

The first one being a short list of must listen to songs.
I feel that music is a big piece in my inspiration for art. 
So, I figured putting up a list of some inspirational songs would be a beneficial effort.

Song 1: Re: Stacks -Bon Iver.
Song 2:Come Pick Me Up -Ryan Adams.
Song 3: Tighten up -The Black Keys.
Song 4: My Moon Man -Feist.
Song 5: Jolene -Ray LaMontagne.
Song 6: Crying (Cover: Roy Orbison) -The Morning Binders.

My friends and I have always had a thing for making list of things. Mostly things we would like to accomplish before we die. We got the idea after watching the show "The Buried Life." I haven't been doing good at actually writing the things I come up with down. So I forget almost all of them. I think everyone should find time to add something interesting to their life. Especially small desires that are spontaneous and fulfilling. So, I hope this will catch on to other people.

1. Visit New Mexico.
2. Buy Groceries for a homeless person.
3. Go a whole day being blindfolded.
4. Give a dear friend a surprise party.
5. Take wedding photos for a couple.
6. Successfully bake a rhubarb pie.
7. Create a good sounding song.
8. Write 10 anonymous letters to strangers.
9. Eat 6 McDonalds large fries in one sitting. (I was told once that it was impossible.)
10. Have a candle light dinner with my loved one.

I want to add ten new things each week and I want to start accomplishing them.
When I accomplish one I will be sure post about it too.

What do you want to do before you die? 

Thank you for reading.
Good evening, Wednesday.
(Happy Birthday Dad.)

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